2015 Minor B (Machine Pitch)

Interlock Playing Rules

Use a 10” Wilson Softball (Cushy) Soft Impression (A9317 Level 1)

Use of a Louisville Machine Pitch

Settings of the Machine Pitch to be determined by the HOME team.

Pitching machine is set at a distance of 35 foot from home plate.

There is a 1 hour 30 minute time limit on all games.

A maximum of 5 runs per inning, or 3 outs, whichever comes first.  This includes the last inning of play.

If after 7 Pitches and the ball is not hit, the batter is out. There are no walks or being hit by the pitch.

The runner(s) must stop advancing on the bases once the ball has been stopped by the defensive team. (i.e. if the batter hits the ball and it goes to the out field and the defensive player stops the ball while the runner is going to second then the runner must stop at second.)

No stealing of bases

No bunting

No more than 10 defensive players on field at any time.  There will be no more than 6 defensive players (including the pitcher) on the infield.  The outfielders will be at least 10 feet behind the infielders.

No player can sit on bench more than 1 inning in a row

Minor A/Majors rules apply to on-deck hitter (NO on-deck hitter)

New….During the last 2 regularly scheduled games of the year, kids will pitch.  If ball 4 is thrown, the Manager/Coach will finish the count.  There are no walks at this level.  The pitcher will finish the inning unless the 3rd out has been recorded.  To speed up the game, the Manager/Coach will remain on the field.